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April 25th, 2007
- A Windows Vista installer has been released see the FAQ entry


November 3, 2004 - Beta test version 21 is up, see details here

June 25th, 2004 - Added a FAQ entry that should help all users (XP and 98/ME alike) reduce the disconnections they get.

If you are using a WIFI connection or a modem and you experience breakup or choppy sound please let Support know as this beta has some ability to help in that area.


April 4th, 2004 - New Release (was Beta 10)

New features in this release

Instructions for color in text chat

Now whenever you type text in the chat box of a group or conference, it will be seen in whatever color you have selected. To select a new color click the new palette icon on the tool bar.

You can also type..


before any text to send it in that color ie

\red this is red text

Also any url typed in the text chat area like or just will show up as an underlined hyperlink, and may be clicked to launch a browser with that url.

Any comments or bugs reports to


Instructions for local nicknames

To set a local nickname, right click on a name that is online in the contact list, and select the Nickname menu entry in the popup. Type in the local nickname you want to know this person as, and click ok. To delete a nickname do the same thing but leave the nickname field blank and click OK. Once a nickname has been set the nickanme will appear next to the persons Alias in angle brackets like Alias <nickname>. This will show up in the contact list when they are online, in a participants list in a group or conference, in IMs and Sidebar titles.

Permanent Kicklist

You can add names to a permanent kicklist, found under Options/Setup/Kicklist. Any name on this permanent kicklist will automatically be banned from any moderated group you create.

Hand Raising

If you are in a moderated group you can raise your hand to ask a question etc, but clicking the hand Icon button at the top of the Participants list Your name will show a little hand in the icon column to the right of your name in everyone's participants list. You can lower your hand by clicking the button again. A moderator can lower your hand by right clicking the name with the raised hand and selecting lower hand. In a talk controlled forum they can do it by giving the user a Mic.

Team Select

To aid users playing trivia etc, there is a new feature called team select that is available in any moderated Group. Use the Combo Box in the tool bar of the participants list to select what team you are on. Your name will be color coded with your other members team, and your text chat will be color coded too. The team select color overrides your select text chat color, unless you select No Team from the Combo box.

Other features

To hide offline users in the contact list click the header over the first column of the contact list, to show them again click it again.

To Disband a group the owner of the group can right click in the participants list and select Disband.





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