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I am sorry to say that no new accounts are being accepted

Use this form to create a login for the e4 chat program. Select the alias and password you would like to use to access e4 chat. When you click the "sign me up" button the alias will be checked for availability, then you will confirm your selection, and then be presented with a secure page on the Paypal system where you will need to register with Paypal. For more information click here

You will get an initial 15 day free trial, you may cancel the subscription at any time before the end of the free trial period and it will cost you nothing. After the free trial  it will cost either $24.99/year, $14.99/6 months or $7.99/3 months, which is automatically deducted at the start of each term from your Paypal account.
You can cancel at any time.
If you have any trouble completing the Paypal signup, please email explaining the problem

Why do I have to have a Paypal account to get a free trial?
The trial is absolutely free, however to avoid abuse, like signing up for multiple free accounts, or canceling at the end of the trial and getting another free trial, it is important to verify the users identity, and having a Paypal account accomplishes that. This also keeps disruptive elements from joining the community.

Note Only one free trial subscription will be allowed per person within a 90 day period

Make up a Username/Alias:
-- 3 or more alphanumeric characters, spaces, dashes(-) or underscores (_) 
Make up a password:
-- It should be at least 8 characters, mixed uppercase and lowercase
Enter password again:
-- for verification
Select a Secret Question:
-- Select a question you will be asked if you forget your password
Enter the answer to the question:

-- You will have to give this answer to get a new password

Select the term you wish to pay for once the free trial is over (amount is US Dollars).
1 Year ($24.99) 6 Months ($14.99) 3 Months ($7.99)

By clicking the "Sign me up" button you are agreeing to the Terms & Conditions and Software License, In a nut shell (but not limited to)...:

  • You use the system at your own risk

  • You are over 18 years of age

  • e4 can take no responsibility for the content of the groups, or any damage caused by using the system
  • e4 will not disclose your personal data or any other information about you to anyone for any reason, (Other than law enforcement)
  • You may not engage in any form of illegal activity while using the system as defined by U.S. Federal and State law
  • You must not give your password to anyone, you will be held accountable for the actions of anyone using your account
  • You must not disrupt other users enjoyment of the system

Additional  Notes on Paypal registration

When you are presented with the Paypal page you must create a new Paypal account by clicking the link that says "If you have never paid through Paypal, click here", then enter your credit card or debit card information. (or login to your existing Paypal account, if you have one). Once you have completed the Paypal registration and accepted the subscription, there will be a button called access subscription, click that to get details on how to download and login to e4 chat.

International users please note you must select the link that says "Outside the US" next to the zip code box to select your country.

Occasionally if Paypal cannot verify your address they will go through a verification process which involves charging your credit card $1.95, which you will get back the first time you use your account. So please make sure the address you type in is the correct credit card billing address.
e4 will not see your credit card number or your address so you are safe.

If you do not have a credit or debit card or an existing Paypal account you must create a Paypal account first from here, and link it to your US bank account, then once it has been verified by Paypal (3-5 days) you should come back to this page and sign up then login to your Paypal account to complete the registration.



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