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Using e4chat on Windows Vista or Windows 7
Please download this installer for windows Vista and Windows 7 only, It is recommended you do a fresh install. You can save the contactlist.txt, blocklist.txt and e4settings.ini from an old system, and also backup the entire IMFolder if you want to keep your IMs. In order to use e4chat on Vista you must install the latest Java VM from Sun, if you do not you will be prompted to the first time you try to run e4chat, this prompt will take you to Sun's download page. After you run e4chat the first time, if you wish to restore the files you backed up earlier, you may exit e4chat and copy these files to the following location on your file system, this is where Vista keeps any changes made to the e4chat folder. /Desktop/username/AppData/local/VirtualStore/Program Files/e4chat where username is whatever name you are logged in as. When you install you must set the Windows XP compatibility mode, otherwise you will not be able to save your contacts or login credentials, and IMs won't be saved. To do this you right click on c:\program files\e4chat\e4chat.exe and select properties, then select the compatibility tab and select windows XP compatibility mode. (or simply run as administrator). An alternative is to install e4chat in a folder other than c:\program files, for instance in c:\e4chat. NOTE for Windows 7 users it appears the folder is initially set to read only, and only system users can write to the folder. To fix this please right click the e4chat folder, and set the permissions to allow access to any user, and clear the readonly flag. This link also explains the process
How do I download e4 chat
A quick way to download and to reinstall the e4 client is to download this file ( into a temporary folder. From the temporary folder run the program e4installer.exe. This will download the installer, then run it. An Alternative download link is In this case unzip the file and run e4installer.exe.
File Transfer Doesn't work or Hangs
Windows XP Service Pack 2 disabled or changed the Components that were being used for file transfer, so the current method no longer works for SP2. A new file transfer will be released very shortly to correct this problem.
I get an error about missing msvcp60.dll
This is supposed to be a standard part of windows, however if it is missing download this file instead and run it to install or download this file and unzip it to your c:\windows\system folder
How do I get the Latest Beta version
Download and run (DOWNLOAD e4beta.exe FILE)
Why am I getting disconnected so frequently?
Internet connections can become unstable for short periods of time, usually for no more than 10 minutes. As e4 chat is a high quality audio program it does require a good, stable internet connection. The best way to discover where these problems are is to run the internet test from the Options menu, let it run for about 30 passes then copy and paste the results into an email and send to

Although there is little we can do about general internet problems, knowing where the problems are may let us report them to the correct people. Additionally if you are running Win95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP there is a registry change that may make your system less prone to these disconnections.
See this link  for details of the registry entry on WinXP/2000 that needs adjusting, or download one of the following files and double click it then reboot, make sure you select the correct one for your version of windows. 

Regfix for WINXP/2000/NT
Regfix for Win98/ME.

Basically this increases the number of retries for TCP errors from 5 to 15, allowing the program to stay connected during a minor disruption on the internet.

I try to login with  a new account for  the first time and it says "User not found"
This can be caused by a non english version of Windows. Make sure your keyboard is set to English and the character codes are english. This is usually a problem of versions of windows that use unicode for their native character set, (ie Japanase, Chinese etc). First is to try to get it to input English, then you can try the latest beta which has some fixes for this problem.
When I login it says expired, what do I do now
You need to renew your account. The account still exists but needs to be reactivated by renewing it. There are multiple payment options  (1 month, 3 months, 6 months, 12 months).
This is the link to use to renew your account
What if I do not have a credit card
If you do not have a credit card or an existing Paypal account you must create a Paypal account first from here, and link it to your  bank account, then once it has been verified by Paypal (3-5 days) you should come back to the e4 registration page and sign up then login to your Paypal account to complete the registration.
What if I don't have a credit card or a bank account
We are sorry but only paypal is currently accepted
I want to pay but I am worried I will lose my money
e4 Networks LLC is in good financial shape. The overhead for running the company and the service is very low. If you are still worried just pay for $3 a month. Also there is a refund policy in place if you pay for 3 months or more.
Why do I have to give a credit card number to get a free trial
The trial is absolutely free, however to avoid abuse, like signing up for multiple free accounts, or canceling at the end of the trial and getting another free trial, it is important to verify the users identity, and having a Paypal account accomplishes that. This also keeps disruptive elements from joining the community.
How do I change from auto monthly payments to a one time payment for 3 months to a year
First you must pay for the account for 3 months or more using this page. Then you must cancel your Paypal subscription using this link. Make sure you do it in that order otherwise your alias may be deleted. Any time left on your current subscription will be added to the new amount you paid for.
How do I cancel my automatic monthly subscription
Use this link to cancel your subscription with Paypal. If you have a trial account the alias will be deleted immediately. If you have had any payments deducted from your account your alias will remain accessible for the duration of the subscription term that has been paid for (e.g. the rest of the month).
How do I make suggestions and report bugs
Please send your suggestions and bug reports to

or send an Instant Message to Support

I tried to update but the update window said the update failed, or my pc froze during the update
Look in the e4chat folder (usually in c:\program files\e4chat) and see if there is a file called thinclient.jar.rename if there is rename it to thinclient.jar and try running e4 chat again. If that doesn't work delete the file versions.ini from the e4chat folder above, and run e4 chat, you should be asked to update again. Finally if neither of those works download from (DOWNLOAD e4chatsetup.exe FILE) and reinstall. In either case please email the file stdout.txt to

after you get the update failure.

Can anyone eavesdrop on my private conversations
No, e4 was designed with the users security and privacy in mind. No one (including the administrator) can eavesdrop on a conversation. The only people who can hear you are the people who's names appear in the participants list. There are no invisible users on this system.
So who is this T120_x user who appears in my conference
The T120_x is a robot that is created when you launch any data conferencing application (file sharing, whiteboard or application sharing), it sits in the room and monitors who comes and goes so it can manage the security of the data conference. It is destroyed when everyone leaves the conference.
How do I change my alias
Under the Menu item Options click Setup, and then click the tab that says aliases, this will show you your current aliases. You can add an alias by clicking the Add... button. You can have up to 2 aliases. If you delete an alias make sure you have checked it for offline messages before you delete it.
How do I add people to my contact list?
Click on the middle column on the contact list that has this icon in the left column, then type in the name and hit the return key
What is Push URL?
This will send a message to everyone in the room asking of they want to open their browser to the URL you have typed in the push URL box
How do I get more people in my call with a single click?
Select  all the names in the contact list you want to call and click the Call button
How do I automatically add people to my contact list ?
Under the menu Options/Setup... select the preferences TAB and select Autoadd contacts
How many accounts will I get for $3/month or $24.99/year?
You will have one account with up to 2 aliases, only one of the aliases can be logged in at any one time.
Is there a senior citizen discount?
Not at the moment.
Is e4 Chat going to be charged in US Dollars?
Where do I adjust my sound? How to I adjust my audio?
Use the sound control panel usually found in the windows tray, or run the Sound setup under the options menu, then restart e4 Chat
How do I setup my sound?
run the Sound setup under the options menu, then restart e4 Chat
Where can I find out what's new
Click the Whats New option under the Help menu
Will we have Video for the end users?
Video may be added at a later date for an extra fee, as video is very bandwidth intensive and costs a lot more to run at our end.
Are we going to have colored text?
Yes, colored text is supported in the current release
Is there going to be a block feature?
There is a block feature in the current release, under the Options setup menu
How do I upgrade?
If there is an upgrade you can click on the Upgrade menu item under Options, if this is grayed out it means you have the latest version. You can always download the latest version and re install over the current version
Is there a business side?
Yes, see the main web site
Can I get multiple accounts?
You can purchase as many accounts as you want, however a single account will allow you up to 2 aliases, any one of which may be logged in at any one time.
Is there going to be family rates?
Not at the moment, although see above... you can have 2 aliases on one account.
What is an owner of a room? And what are the hammers for?
The owner of a room can create other owners and moderators, and also has moderator privileges. Moderators can give mics to people in a talk controlled room, and kick people out. Moderators and owners show up with hammers in the right column of the participants list.
Are you going to have permanent Rooms so we don't have to re-create them?
Yes, but there will be an additional monthly fee for permanent rooms
Is there going to be an extra charge for them like other voice apps do?
Do a certain amount of people have to be on and willing to pay for video before you turn that feature on?
Yes, it will depend on user demand, and willingness to pay extra for video.
What is a T120? Is that an additional service for business users?
T120 allows screen sharing using Netmeeting, and is mainly for business users, it will eventually be replaced by VNC
Will we have to sign a release to use the file transfer?
No, but there may be a warning when you use it.
Are you going to build your own whiteboard?
Eventually we will
Will we have a whisper feature?
Yes, although Sidebar is a better version of whisper
Are you secure?
Yes, see the security FAQ (TBD)
Will there be children allowed on e4?
Eventually there may be an under 18 section on e4.
Can we use ASCII characters in our names? 
No, only Letters, numbers and _ and - and spaces are allowed in aliases
And will people be able to fake my member name?
Can we do what we like in our own rooms?
Yes, so long as you follow the Terms and Conditions.
If I have a complaint about another user and he disrupts our room will you remove them?
This will be handled on a case by case basis, but generally people will be warned if they violate the Terms and Conditions, but it would have to be a pretty extreme case for a user to be removed from the system. However if you have a moderated room you can kick them out.
How do I find out what version I am on?
Select About under the Help Menu
My friends have your link at their websites can I get e4 from them?
No, you should only download e4 Chat from here.
How long does it take to sign up?
It should be instantaneous after you have completed the registration..
I don't like paying via the internet. Can I Fax or call in my payment?
Not at the moment, but we will investigate other forms of payment.
Do you take Money orders, checks, debit cards?
We will use Paypal for our payment processing and they take most forms of payment.
How long will that take to process?
Money orders and Checks can take longer to process. On the order of a few days or weeks
As more people sign on will the voice quality drop?
What is the minimum recommended connection to e4?
Broadband is always recommended, although a good 48k modem connection using the lowest quality Codec should have no trouble either.
Can I use a dialup?
Yes, but the audio quality may not be as good.
I am on a half duplex will that work on e4?
If you audio card does not support full duplex audio then you will only be able to hear, you will not be able to talk.
How do I play music on e4?
See the playing music FAQ
The people help each other here a lot unlike other programs can I do that too once I learn?
Can I send messages to my friends even when they are off line?
What does fully scalable mean?
It means that as more people come onto e4 the quality will not drop, or slow down.
Who is Jack Dracula
Jack Dracula is a co-founder of the public e4 chat community, Jack was the one that persuaded Jim to put up a publicly accessible version of the e4 system. He has invested a large amount of his time to help people with technical support on e4 and to recruit people to use the e4 chat program.
Who is Jim Morris
See this link for more information





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