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Voice Chat

e4 Voice Chat is available for people to enjoy a secure experience voice chatting with old friends and new. It provides private conference calls with 2 or more people, and public groups where you can meet and chat with other users.

Make unlimited pc to pc calls to anyone in the world. Create large private conference calls with family and friends.

There are no popup ads or any other intrusive advertising ploys. The service is secure and no transcripts of any chat activity is stored on our servers, except when you send a message to an offline user and then the message is deleted from our servers once the message has been picked up by the recipient.

e4 chat is a subscription service so only people interested in chatting with others will be online. (No disruptors whose sole intention is to interfere with others enjoyment). The groups provide full moderation so users can create their own experience and control the contents of their group as they see fit.

Click here, for a free trial*.

What You Get

  • High quality, hands free, multiple simultaneous speaker voice chat
  • Unlimited one-on-one or many-to-many conference calls to other PCs
  • Contact list with presence information
  • Instant Email-like messages, with receipt notification, online and offline
  • High quality Voicemail, online and offline
  • Text chat
  • Create your own moderated groups
  • File Sharing, Collaborative Web Browsing
  • Reserve your own public group names here
  • See Screen shots from the running application

*After the free trial, the yearly subscription to e4 chat is US $24.99




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