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Beta test How to

Current Beta is 21 - download Upgrade from Here or Full install from Here

Please Note - Beta testing is entirely optional, if you do not feel comfortable downloading components and manually installing them, catching errors and bugs and reporting them, then I recommend you wait for the release. However these new features do need to be tested and we are grateful for any help in that area.

New and fixed features in Beta 21

  • Fixed some serious file transfer bugs you must upgrade from version 20
  • Made the file transfer file open dialogs use native windows dialog, fixes a problem some people were having
  • File send dialog remembers last directory visited
  • Added disable file transfers to Options/Setup/Preferences for those not wanting to use file transfer

New and fixed features in Beta 20

  • Added User typing icon to IChat window
  • Added prompt before calling user
  • Removed Whiteboard and app sharing as this no longer works with XP SP2
  • Added new Native Filetransfer that uses  P2P technology
  • Fixed robotic voice which is especially bad on hyperthreaded machines

New and fixed features in Beta 18/19

  • Fixed timeout bug for update of  large contact lists (Please test)

  • Align emoticon dialog with left edge of app

  • Added time stamp for each message in ichat

  • Added an "Is Typing" message to title of an IChat when the other user is typing

  • 19 fixed problem with nickname dialog

New and fixed features in Beta 17

  • Fixed emoticons again, optimized and improved
  • Allow IChat window to be sized and saved, use menu options/save setup
  • Improved offline nickname/sound setup
  • Added Update Contacts to Options menu,  Please run this to purge orphaned aliases from your contact list
  • Fixed multi aliases per UID in contactlist and associated offline nickname problems
  • Added new list dialog used for forward IM
  • Fixed progress Monitor for MBox
  • Allow 20 emoticons per line
  • Fixed group entry by single click bug
  • Made server timeout detection more robust

New and fixed features in Beta 16

  • Really Fixed bug where the alias is cleared during an option/setup and save username is not set

  • Change disconnect after 5 minute timeout

  • Allow setting of nicknames and sounds even when contact is offline 

  • All sounds are now configurable in Options/setup/sounds

  • Limit number of emoticons on a line to 5, to offset exploit

  • Set Chat sound to default to off

New and fixed features in Beta 14

  • Play a sound when contact is lost with server, disconnect if lost for more than 2 minutes
  • Fixed the connection progress dialog
  • Only play online sound if user comes online, not if status changes to busy etc
  • Users just coming online will flash the Status bold for 30 seconds
  • Clicking close box on emoticon dialog does not send emoticon anyway
  • Allow sounds to be customized and user custom sounds to be added in the e4chat\sounds folder - to add your own sounds copy a short .wav file into the e4chat\sounds folder, then select it using the combo boxes in the Options/Setup/Sounds TAB or using the nickname dialog
  • Hands up now ordered in the order they were put up
  • Added ability to set a different sound for each contact using the right click nickname dialog in contacts list
  • Added mute alerts checkbox

 New features in Beta 13

  • You can now Unkick a user in a group or a conference call
  • Your User status is now reset when re-connecting
  • The inbox is loaded in the background, so startup should be faster
  • Added Emoticons to Text Chat and IChat (Sidebar), insert by typing the ASCII, or select from right click popup in text entry, or select from dialog on toolbar
  • Flash main icon when a new IM comes in
  • Moved vertical check box to top of participants list
  • Added send button to Chat and IChat
  • Color text now available to sidebar chat
  • Added sound for contacts coming online (Disable in Options/Sounds)
  • Added jitter buffer setting for people with slow connections or using Wifi

What's Fixed in Beta 13

  • Fixed exception on block of unknown user



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